Am I Offshore Material?

Am I Offshore Material?

A lot of people, all around the World, are seeking offshore employment. Most of those people want a job in the Oil Industry because they heard it pays well. For some reason taking on a job offshore will fix their financial needs.

Funny enough, more often than none, some foolish jobseekers even apply to jobs saying “I need a job offshore, please help me, I need money / I’m poor”. Do you think an employer will impressed by an application like this? Nah, me neither. Especially because the same people always have a resume which don’t match any of the positions you normally find in the on- and offshore oil industry.

Of course this was an extraordinary example, so let’s look at what’s really important if you want to secure a position at the open seas. Always worked at a supermarket? Paper route? Sold clothes? Shelf filler at your local Walmart store? Then you might wanna keep your current job, and earn money to finance an education for yourself.

Really, you will need a job which at least comes close to positions which can be found offshore. Mechanic, Electrician, Scaffolder, Painter, Warehouseman, kitchen help / cook, and manual laborer are all good examples. If you have never had any technical, mechanical, or electrical experience and/or education, start educating yourself and get experienced. If you’re not used to heavy labor in any job field, you don’t need to bother yourself with finding a roustabout job.

Additional Education

But if you do have an education and (some) experience in any of these positions, you will still have trouble getting a job in the offshore oil & gas industry. Even though shoreside / land experience is nice to have, working offshore is a whole other ballgame. The jobs are dangerous, they require additional knowledge in order to function aboard a vessel. Just to name a few, you will need NEBOSH, MIST or BOSIET. Banksman, Rigging & Slinging to name a couple of other courses. Want to work in Maritime positions? Then get yourself the STCW 95 Basic Training.

And that’s not all. How is your health these days? Because you will need an Offshore Health / Medical certification, you will need to be vaccinated for yellow fever, and have OGUK / UKOOA Offshore Medical if you want to work for / at UK Companies.

Other Mandatory Requirements

‘Wow’ you must be thinking right now. You probably didn’t know all that when you were hunting down jobs offshore. And I don’t want to put you down some more, but we’re still not done. Because depending on where you live, you will most likely need a Work Visa to be able to work in certain countries. And a recruiter doesn’t always help you with this.

Many websites state you can get an Entry Level job without any experience whatsoever, just apply and see what happens. Well, I think we have shown you this isn’t really the case. So if someone or if some website offers their (paid) services so you can get a job offshore, keep in mind what’s needed. Because you’ll have to pay money to get those services, and if you haven’t got what it takes, you will have lost your money for nothing.

Hope this clears thing up, have a great day.