Beware of Offshore Job Scams

Beware of Offshore Job Scams

Unfortunately, in any business where there is money to be made, scammers are luring to try and get people’s money. In my 15 years of experience in this offshore business I have seen scams from application fraud, to job vacancy fraud, and even recruitment fraud.

Not long ago we put up a warning at our Facebook page concerning ‘Blue Octopus Recruitment LLP’ which is a company that’s only working to get your money while not actually providing you with any of their so called services. What happens is that the scammer signs up at jobsites as employer so they can easily find out contact addresses from people who are searching for a job offshore. As soon as they have your information, you will be contacted by email with a job offer, application form, or contact request. If you fall for that, you’re on your way to lose money, or be a victim of identity theft.

Today we received another email, which was from and had a reply address at Their email stated the following:

Dear Interest Applicant,

We currently have a variety of positions available in our organization that fit a wide range of skill and unskilled sets. Interested applicants are expected to submit their updated resume to our Email id: (

Below are some of the vacant posts in our esteem company

The vacant job posts they gave is a listing of pretty much any and all jobs ever to be found at an offshore company. But there was no information of this recruitment agency, no contact person, no phone number, website or any other information that would prove it’s a legitimate job offering.

To be clear, I can guarantee you that a real recruitment agency will never track down applications like this. Nor will any company email you from hotmail, livemail, gmail or any other free email service. Better yet, offshore companies and recruitment agencies will not even contact you via email at all offering a variety of jobs like this.

When you reply to scammers, you will surely be asked for personal information, copies of passport, certificates, resume and other private information. At some point either your identity will be misused on the Internet, or you will be asked for money, or worse, you will be blackmailed.

When you’re looking for a job, and you get emails with random job offers, always use logic before answering them.

  • Check if it’s a real company, do they have a website, contact phone number or contact person?
  • Where is the email coming from? Check if it comes from a legitimate website like or, instead of a free mailing service like gmail or hotmail.
  • Is the email specifically referring to a job you applied for? Or are they offering multiple offshore job positions which aren’t clear to where or when they start?
  • Are there any documents they are asking from you, like passport copies or other private information?
  • If you do decide to follow up on the email, be aware the moment they start asking for money for services, special charges, administration fees, travel fees, agency fees, registration, or any other funds they will charge you with. Real companies and recruitment agencies will NEVER ask for any money.

The normal procedure is that you apply for an offshore job either online, via email or through postal mail. The company where you apply will reply accordingly. If you haven’t applied, but are offered a job, you can be pretty much sure you’re dealing with a scammer.

Unfortunately scammers are not just using email anymore. We noticed more and more messages at our Facebook pages of scammers posting job offers. The same advice is valid in this case, recruitment agencies and offshore companies don’t go out to look for personnel and post messages at other facebook pages. They have their own facebook page, or use their company website to post vacancies to which the applicant can reply. If that’s not the case, stay far far away from them.

I hope this helps you to be safer on the Internet when trying to find an offshore job. If you receive a message and you’re not sure about it’s legitimacy, then feel free to forward it to me, and I will help you as much as I can. Please use the webform at our website in order to reach us. Have a great day.