Get Hired for an Offshore Job

Get Hired for an Offshore Job

We thought it was time to write another article about the expectations to get hired for an offshore job. Because it seems a lot of people who want to work offshore, struggle with many of the same questions. To start off, let me be straight forward for a sec: You cannot expect to get a job offshore if you haven’t got any education nor experience in this field.

We receive emails and questions like:

I am 18 years old and I want to work offshore but I have no certifications or any experience or related education, can you please find me a job? I am willing to do anything and I won’t let you down.

I want to ask if I can work offshore with no expertise of the work that I must perform, and I want to start tomorrow.

I’m new to this all but would love to make this a life time career. What are the steps I need
to get myself in the door to land a job at entry level.

I am looking for a job on the platform offshore, I have no experience but I have good motivation.

I am looking for a decent job at the very moment, and came to find an offshore job. I am willing to do anything because I really need money now to feed my family and pay bills. Please help me.

As much as it humors us to read these kinds of emails (pretty much every day from all over the world), it does raise a question on our end. That question is: Why are so many people unaware of application procedures and job requirements?

Everybody knows you cannot drive a car without a license. We know we cannot just be an engineer without proper education. It’s also logic to understand you can’t fly an airplane without the needed skills and knowledge. So why do people feel they can just land a job (without any knowledge, education or training) in one of the most dangerous job fields in the world?

These rigs are responsible for drilling and pumping oil and gas offshore, in harsh environments, in dangerous situations, with highly advanced tools and systems. We are talking about billion dollar projects and highly skilled jobs. Do you think an employer will just hire someone cuz they are motivated? Because they want a career change? Or because they desperately need money? No! Of course not! No employer will take a risk like that.

Do you want to work offshore? Really? Then educate yourself! If you worked at the counter at the local movie theatre it’s safe to say you have no skills that fit an offshore job. So educate yourself to be a Safety Officer, Engineer, Electrician, Crane Operator etc. If you just came out of high school and you have no experience then find an onshore job to get experienced.

If you want a career change, then follow offshore training like MIST and BOSIET, RIGGING and SLINGING and/or Offshore Crane Operator, HUET, NOGEPA, OLF… and so on. Without any training or experience, you shouldn’t be looking for offshore jobs. Not even at Entry Level as Roustabout. And certainly not because you’re in need of money to feed your spouse and you think Offshore Jobs are easy in. Coz that’s never going to happen.

There is no easy way to land an offshore job if you have nothing to show for it. So don’t quit your day job just yet. Start applying to jobs, find out what the job requirements are, contact the employer or offshore recruiter, ask around on what training you must follow and if you will be hired once you completed your training.

When you find a company that will hire you once your training is over, then I would suggest jumping in with both feet and follow every training there is. Only then you can move forward. But if you’re not willing to go the extra mile, then please, stick to regular jobs.

We hope this answers some questions you may have, enjoy your day.