How To Apply to Offshore Jobs Online!

How To Apply to Offshore Jobs Online!

This article is a follow-up on my previous “How to get a Job Offshore” article. In this article I’m going to explain what it takes to apply to jobs online. Reason why is because many, many, (yes many) people come to the Offshore Manpower Facebookpage and drop short messages ‘applying’ for jobs.

Here’s one which is a great example: “Hai am welder Tig & Arc pls call xxxxxxxxxxxx”

Even though I like people being different in their approach (so you get noticed faster), this particular job application shown above is rude and doesn’t show any real motivation.

When applying for a job, people need to remember who they’re talking too. Picture this: How do you think your employer would respond, if you snapped your fingers at him while ordering him around? How long do you think it will take before you lose your job?

The same counts for dropping short messages and saying ‘hey call me’. That’s NOT a job application and it’s very disrespectful. What also strikes me is that a lot of people apply to jobs these days either in a personal post at Facebook, or even as a response to a post from someone else.

Here’s another example: “i need ajob for ME, giv me a chance, plz plz contact me”

Besides the fact that this way of applying to jobs is terrible, and I won’t even comment on the bad English, but I just can’t get my head around the fact that people actually think an employer or recruiter will read this!

There are thousands of posts created daily at Facebook, tens of thousands of people respond to that. How can someone think anyone is going to read it message by message, day in day out, to find a candidate for an offshore position? It’s just not going to happen!

If a recruitment agency has a facebook page it’s because they want to show their followers what job openings there are, refer their followers to their company website, and have them apply there. That’s the main reason a recruitment agency has a facebook page. And from the actual applications they receive by webform or email, they will select a candidate for the vacant position.

Dropping short messages hoping one will get noticed, will cost a lot of time and energy, and no one will get hired that way. Many times the recruiter posts a message, and doesn’t even look at the replies, because of the huge amount of trashy or crappy job applications they get.

Besides applying to jobs via facebook, I also receive email messages from people. Many are blank emails with a resume attached. Some are accompanied by a cover letter of some sorts, and there are even people who add every diploma or certificate they ever received since the day they came out of kindergarten.

Sometimes (which is one out of 50 maybe) someone takes the time to write (again) a short message in the email without addressing anybody or actually referring to the job their applying for. Mostly those messages are also blunt, rude or plain stupid. That’s also not the way to go, and it will get the application moved into the junk or trash folder.

So how do you apply?

Now this is a HUGE secret for many people out there. So here comes, I hope you’re sitting down for this: There is only one correct way to apply to jobs, and that’s by email, online form or normal mail! Shocker, right?

If by email, one will need to write a respectful email message (cover / email letter) addressing the recruiter or employer respectfully while mentioning the job they are applying to. So no empty emails with no subject and just a resume attached guys and galls.

Email was created a long time ago to send letters electronically instead of by postal mail (hardcopy). It was faster, cheaper and simply a great invention. I’m not sure what happened or when it changed so people could just send out empty emails hoping to hear something back. Blows my mind, seriously.

Okay so what to do if your English is bad, or you don’t know how to write a resume, or what do you do when you haven’t a clue on how to introduce yourself in a cover letter / email?

Well you can hire someone to do it for you. Yes that will cost money (I’m a mind reader, I knew you were thinking that). It will cost money, and depending on where you hire someone to create your resume for you, you may have to pay anywhere from $ 79 up to $ 500 dollars for an actual good looking resume. (Free advice)

Offshore Manpower offers resume services for the offshore industry as well (who didn’t see that one coming?) at $ 99 dollars per resume. But for that amount we don’t just write the resume, we also create a cover letter (for postal mail) and an email letter (so your emails won’t be blank). You will receive advice on how to use the resume, what to do when you’ve applied to a job, and how to keep up with your past applications.

You might also think your resume is up to par. You could think your job applications are sound, but in the end you’re still not being hired. If that’s the case drop me an email and we’ll look at it together (no charge, free service). My personal email address is:

It’s up to you!

Applying to jobs without effort, dropping short messages everywhere, spamming recruiters on Facebook or sending out blank emails will not get you hired.

The longer you are at home while applying to jobs, wasting time and energy on useless job applications, the more money it will cost you. A resume service will also cost money, but you will surely be hired sooner and for better positions.

The best investment you’ll every do, is the investment in yourself and your career!