How-To: The Offshore Application Process

How-To: The Offshore Application Process

What strikes me, is that many people are trying to find and apply to offshore jobs, but some really don’t seem to know how a basic application goes. When I receive resumes from people, sometimes they are short and to the point, others are badly written, in terrible English, or without any reference to a job or position.

What I also find is that some people out there actually send out any and all diploma’s, certificates, passport copies, seaman’s book copies and so on. Last week I received an email with 27 attachments. With all of this information (if I would be a criminal) I could literally take over someone’s identity.

Nowadays, it seems “more is better”, and giving away all your information seems to follow that rule. I’ve seen resumes mention passport numbers, VISA numbers, social security numbers and so on. Really too much to mention. Personally I wonder what an employer is going to do with all if this information. Honestly, employers have no need for all of the information mentioned above, UNLESS they hire someone. And even then, much of the information is unneeded.

In this world we live in today, when you apply to a job, you best be clear on the basic application process. First of all the employer will not be happy to receive an mail bomb with a buttload of attachments. Secondly, you’re really putting yourself out there and risk your identity to be stolen. Since some people just drop applications left and right, even at places not related to the Offshore Industry, the risk you take when sending out all your data is very big.

So here goes, let me help you to understand the Offshore Application Process, so you will not run into problems, and get hired sooner at better jobs.

First and foremost; Start with writing an introduction letter, explain who you are, what job your are seeking, refer to the company website or vacancy you found and always address the person you are writing to with respect. No need to write about your education, employment history, courses you took or certifications you hold. That kind of information goes into the resume!

Add the resume as attachment to your email. Make sure you have your employment history written down in logical order, add education / course etc and write down your contact details in the resume. Do NOT add every picture, certificate, courses, seamans book, vaccination numbers, social security number or ID / passport you ever had!

Now this next step is very important!

Email your application only to companies who are in the line of business you’re seeking a job at. Actually visit their website, and read what they are about. Somehow, some people just find a website, see some words about ‘Offshore’ and blindly apply to jobs which aren’t even there. Be sure you are applying at the right place, at the right company, and in the correct line of business.

After you send out your application, the process is not yet done. I find that some people get restless if they don’t get a response within their preferred time frame. Let me please advise you; Do not resend your application multiple times, it will not help, and the recruiter will really not get more fond of you.

If you haven’t heart back in two weeks from your application(s), call the Company or Agency on the phone, and ask to speak to the HR department or Personnel Manager. Kindly ask if they have received your application, and if they need more background information from you.

This will get you to speak with the right person, and you will learn fast enough if your application will be successful. If this company will not hire you, ask them ‘why not?’ in a friendly manner. The answer they give you will help you in future applications.

If the company is interested in you, the employer will then ask you exactly what he (or she) needs from you to finalize the application process. At that point, and only then, you can forward copies of your passport, seamans book and/or other information.

This will make the application process final, and hopefully, you will start to enjoy your new job.