Is ‘Reading’ a Mandatory Job Skill needed to get Hired Offshore?

Is ‘Reading’ a Mandatory Job Skill needed to get Hired Offshore?

The answer is plain and simple: Yes! Now why should you have to be able to have reading skills, in order to get an offshore job you might think. Well that’s because reading is really important when one goes out to find a specific job. It’s not so much that people need reading skills in order to perform well at their jobs, it’s more that people need their reading skills so they can actually find the right place to apply for jobs.

For Example: At our Offshore Manpower facebook page a lot of questions are openly answered. Everybody can read the questions and everybody can read the answers given. Still a lot of people keep asking the same questions over and over again. Don’t worry, I don’t mind it at all, I’m happy to help. But it does show me that many of you out there are lacking reading skills (or some might just be plain lazy to search for the needed information).

Another great example is at your main website where we have a contact form which people can use to ask questions about our services. It’s stated really clearly at the top of the page NOT to use the form for job applications. Still we get a lot of job applications via this contact form. It’s also stated at every website we run, that we aren’t in the hiring business, we merely provide services to find people a job. Still many think it’s okay to apply to an offshore job at our address.

What I’m trying to say is that reading skills are very important because one needs to know where they are applying for jobs. People email me and tell me that they applied left and right but never get a response back. Well if you decide to drop a job application without reading the website first, you might end up applying in places where offshore employment isn’t their line of business.

I also received this application not so long ago, it said:

Dear Sir,

I have gone through the Companies website. I would like to show my interest to work with you.

Now if this person actually did what he said he had done (gone through our company website), he would have known very clearly that we aren’t in the hiring business. So his reading skills are lacking to say the least.

Here is another one:

Respected sir,

With Ref. to the above subject I would like to apply for the position of Offshore Crane Operator I am apply in your victorious and expanding organization

Isn’t that something? Our “victorious and expanding organization”, the same counts for this young man as stated above. If he actually read about our services, he would have known how victorious we really are (and that we don’t hire people).

Think of it this way: If people carelessly apply to offshore jobs left and right, without actually reading where they are applying or what job opening they are responding too, you can be pretty much sure nobody will hear nothing back on any job application.

Reading really is a much desired job skill you must have. Because not only will it make more clear to where and to whom you are applying, it will also make things much easier and clearer to the recruiter. Do you have any idea how many job applications come in that make no sense at all? I’m happy I’m not recruiting any personnel, the mindless job applications would drive me insane after a days work.

But what if you did read what the company is about, what if you did know how they are expanding and what kind of employees they are looking for? What would that change for you?

Well for starters your job application would be more logical and it would confirm to the recruiter that you actually care for the job(s) you are applying too. It would also show you are dedicated, intelligent and that you are actually interested in your future and the companies future growth while you are working there.

If one would really read the company website, and if one would actually read the vacant positions correctly, and if one would also respond in the correct fashion with a fitting resume, chances are he or she will get hired much sooner than all the other mindless run-of-the-mill applicants. That’s a guarantee!

So is reading a required job skill to get a career offshore?
– Yes, it surely is!

That’s it for this week, I hope you enjoyed reading this article and if you have any question or need our help in any way, don’t hesitate to contact us via our webform or by dropping a message at our facebook page.

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